Save Bangalore University Forest

Bangalore University forest was created by local and then VC by planting lakhs of trees. Bangalore University didn’t spend a single piece. Now the lush grown forest is taken down by Bangalore University. Yoga pyramid are currently been planned, even though there is a seperate building yoga centre and studies. CBSE school is been planned by private players. Jindal as started BR Ambedkar Economic centre instead of Bangalore University in a 50 acre land. Infertile land (forest area) is being planned to be sold has infertile or arid land. Already the area is under constant tension from ever growing Bangalore University students and new buildings. Building a pyramid and school will destroy the 20 years of hard work to create Bangalore lungs. All the environmental work of digging trenches, water pots for birds and water pits tanks for animals are done by locals till now.